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Following the unfortunate cancellation of the IADH conference in Mexico due to the pandemic, iADH members were invited to share their research on this online forum. We are delighted that so many members chose to submit their posters and we are sure that you will enjoy reading and considering their studies. The iADH scientific committee have shortlisted 25 posters to be considered for the IADH awards with a total prize fund of 2500 dollars available. The award winners will be announced and presented at the online General Assembly on October 3rd and we will be publishing a iadh special edition abstract book later this year with selected posters from this celebration of iADH research.

Please click on each poster to view more details – you will find the entire poster plus a clickable link for download of a pdf of the poster for offline viewing. Some authors have provided a video abstract for sharing on media. If you can’t find a poster that you are looking for you can also search the posters alphabetically by author from the menu at the top of the page.

iADH takes data protection and ethics around research seriously All material on this site is monitored to assure the highest standard of practice in this regard. If you have any personal concerns that any of the research posters on this site infringe human rights or data protection legislation in your country. Please contact and this will be addressed and rectified in a timely fashion. Please read our statement

Lots of effort has gone into producing these posters which are in the main by young or early career researchers. Please leave your constructive comments and please ask any questions that you have for the authors in the comments box below each poster. Please take the time to like and share those posters that you find interesting using the share links underneath each poster.

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The results are in…

After a fascinating 5 hour live event, as we moved around the various timezones, starting with the Australian Entries, through South East Asia, Europe ending with Latin American and USA entries, the results of the iADH research competition 2020 were announced yesterday at the iADH General Assembly by the chair of the session Prof Luc…

poster #019

Influence of the brushing autonomy and frequency in the oral hygiene of institutionalized cerebral palsy individuals  Authors: Bizarra MF, Luís HS, Bernardo M

poster #024

An audit of the compliance with legislation for Adults with Incapacity (AWI) certificates used in a public dental service setting Authors: Mairead HENNIGAN, Jordan FRANKGATE, Keera HAMPTON

poster #025

LESCH –NYHAN SYNDROME: A CASE REPORT Author: Siti Asmak Subahir and Norjehan Yahaya


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iADH are a group of people who are concerned about those with disabilities and disadvantages, working together with those in their community, professional society and social or service organization to improve the oral health and quality of life for persons with special needs.IADH is actively advocating for better outcomes for oral health in people with disabilities and has memoranda of agreements with FDI, Special Olympics, Association for Dental Education in Europe and a number of scientific journals to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in research and publication of his quality scientific articles. IADH has active research networks promoting multi-centre research and organises research competitions and scientific congress to provide a forum for researchers and clinicians to showcase their work. There are many reasons to join the iADH either as an individual member or via one of our affiliated national organisations . You can find out more about the work and activities of our caring professional iADH network by visiting our website.



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