Poster #003

Structured relationships and networks between specialists and general dentists improve the willingness of clinicians to treat individuals with special needs

Mathew LIM, Sharon LIBERALI , Gelsomina BORROMEO

2 Comments on “Poster #003

  1. Very well done Mat. Thank you for this valuable and impactful work!
    As a clinician working in the Special Needs Unit in South Australia, I can attest to the many benefits this integrated care pathway with our special needs network clinicians has for our patients. Our patients are grateful to receive care closer to home, which reduces the financial burden from indirect costs associated with transport or caregivers taking time off work. It has also reduced waiting list times for patients at the Special needs unit with less complex patients being cared for by our network clinicians! I feel this model would be beneficial for other states in Australia to implement given the specialist undersupply issue across the country and the uneven geographical distribution of specialists too.
    I agree with the suggested strategies to build upon this network – telehealth and visiting specialists would be very valuable to provide additional support and help upskill our network clinicians further. The productivity targets are definitely an issue which hopefully can be addressed through implementation of the British Dental Association case mix tool! While my research investigates its use mainly as a referral tool, as it is an objective tool measuring patient complexity, it could also be used to help demonstrate the more complex patient “case mix” of our network clinicians and clarify the reason for productivity discrepancies.
    I foresee this research making a huge impact in improving access to care for the special needs population across Australia, a well-deserved finalist!!


  2. Dear Dr. Lim, congrats!
    Your study is so interesting and so useful, specially in terms of everyday clinical practice. We were trying to do something similar in my country – a network of specialist and general dentists who would support each other, but I think that this could be improved a lot. How you made your network? I would be delighted to read your paper when you publish it! And I would love to learn more about your methods, how you’ve done it – maybe we could do something similar and improve our practice, specially in the remote areas!
    Best regards, wishing you success!


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