ethics and data protection statement

international association for disability and oral health takes data protection and ethical practice seriously.

Each author of posters on this site has declared that :
  1. the research presented has received ethical approval where necessary.
  2. written consent has been received from all patients described and for patient photos to be used for scientific or education purposes
  3. the work presented here has not been published elsewhere

iADH respects the need for strict data protection and ethical codes around research. All material on this site is monitored to assure the highest standard of practice in this regard. If you have any personal concerns that any of the research posters on this site infringe human rights or data protection legislation in your country, please contact and this will be addressed in a timely fashion.

We thank you for taking the time to read this statement and for your interest in ethics and good practice around research.

iADH respects the rights of people with disabilities. IADH advocates to remove barriers which systematically exclude people with disabilities from from taking part in clinical and population based research studies in order to to achieve better desired health outcomes for ALL

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