Finalists in Case Presentation Awards

Take a good look at the finalists in the Case Presentation Competition who will be judged offline by the iADH Judging Panel

The winner will be announced at the General Meeting of the IADH on Saturday October 3rd at 12pm GMT. If you are a member of IADH you can attend the online Annual General Meeting by following this link.

Our special congratulations go to all of the finalists in the case presentation competition showing a diverse range of interesting and appropriate high quality treatment options for people with disabilities and disadvantages from Argentina, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Chile

Hani Ayup, Marie-Sophie BOGNER, Lynn KO , Pauline Chambon Mariana Zar, Marie-Laure MUNOZ-SANCHEZ

Francisca GAMBOA , Sebastian Veliz ,

Also Highly Commended by the judges were case studies by from Argentina, Northern Ireland and Malaysia

Mariana ARMADA, Suzy HARKNESS, Mas Suryalis AHMAD, Ghayathri Devi MANOHARAN

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