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Lots of effort has gone into producing these posters which are in the main by young or early career researchers. Please leave your constructive comments and please ask any questions that you have for the authors in the comments box below each poster. Please take the time to like and share those posters that you find interesting using the share links underneath each poster. 

Lead/Presenting AuthorTitle of AbstractInteractive Poster Number
Aderonke Omolola OLUWO. Oral manifestations of Herbal Medicine induced Steven Johnson syndrome in 3 Nigerian paediatric patients: Case series006
Ahmed KAHATABTaking Special Care to Manage our Waste Sustainably- An Audit of the Waste Management Practices in Ireland’s National Coagulation Centre059
Alicia DE COOPeriodontal disease and Alzheimer’s disease share a background of genetic susceptibility?047
Ana Catarina FIGUEIRAOral Hygiene and Gingival Status in Trisomy 21, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability: A Comparative Study022
Ana Catarina JESUSEvaluation of the factors that influence the oral hygiene status in individuals with Asperger’s syndrome079
Ana VUKOVIC Can teaching in Special Care Dentistry be improved? The impact of role play on attitudes of undergraduates towards persons with disabilities049
Andre GONÇALVESSelf-reported oral lesions and complaints by diabetic members of Diabetes Mellitus related social media groups in Portugal020
Andreia ALVESOral findings in individuals with rare diseases084
Annelyse GARRET-BERNARDINNutrition and parents behaviour in pediatric patients with extracorporeal life support: a possible dental issue.044
Arina VINEREANUOral Special Care Academic Resources (OSCAR) Project – a step towards better oral care for children with special treatment needs060
C ARRIAGADA Dental-Skeletal Disorders in Individuals with rare diseases.053
Candela SERRANOOral manifestations of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome: A case series.063
Cristhiane Olivia FERREIRA DO AMARALX-fragile Syndrome: gene expression of virulence factors of Streptococcus mutans correlated with dental caries experience074
Cyrene Piazera SILVA COSTAIs there bacterial infection in intact coronal teeth and pulp necrosis of sickle-cell anaemia subjects? A Case series study nested in a cohort.043
Datu Mohd Amyril ABDULUDINContent Validation And Response Process Validation Of Questionnaire On Accessibility Of Children With Cerebral Palsy To Oral Health Care Services039
Eliane GARCIAStreptococcus downii, a new bacterial species that could contribute to preserving the eubiosis of oral microbiota054
Elisabetta MERIGONew technologies at the service of the handicap: an illustrative case report077
Elizabeth GONZALEZ MALAGA Palliative Care Dentistry: to treat or not to treat. A shared approach028
Evelyn ALVAREZ-VIDIGAL Oral health related quality of life in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia undergoing chemotherapy according to their caregiver’s perceptions: a cross sectional study.030
Fayjel SHAHImproving Dental Screenings for Medically Compromised Patients referred from University Hospital Wales027
Francisca GAMBOAIntrahospital educational intervention in oral health to patients under childhood cancer´s treatment070
Ghayathri Devi MANOHARANDrooling: A Multidisciplinary Approach in a Patient with Occulopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy042
Gillian C HOWIEClinical Considerations in Providing Intravenous Sedation with Midazolam for Obese Patients in Dentistry.017
Gillian C HOWIEA Three year Service Evaluation of Dental Treatment for Higher Risk Patients Delivered in a Medically Supported Setting.016
Guang Xu David LIMOral Health Status of Adults with Disabilities in Singapore – Preliminary Results of CASA-MODAL.057
Hani AYUPCase Report – Newer therapies in management of haemophilia opens up prosthodontic opportunities.037
Hani AYUPConcepts of disability, facilitatators and barriers to implementation of Special Care Dentistry in Brunei Darussalam: a qualitative study038
Iván VARELA ANEIROSDevelopment of a mathematical model for predicting the behavior of individuals with mental disability in the dental office012
Jacob JOHNDental students’ perception of care of geriatric patients – a comparative study involving eight nations032
Jessica FRANCIS Special Needs Dentistry and Allied Dental Professionals in Australia035
Karolina GERRETHQualification of Patients with Disability for Dental Treatment – Proposal of Introductory Visit to the Surgery086
Kazuharu NAKAGAWAEffects of Thickened Food Products on Nutrient Absorption When Used for Preventing Aspiration in Dysphagia: A study using the rat model045
Keiji ADACHIRaman spectroscopy enabled non-invasive visualization of molecules forming neurites in neural cells.083
Laura PARKINSONThe use of tele-dentistry for patients with inherited bleeding disorders during lockdown in the Covid-19 era in Ireland011
Lis BIANCHIPsoriatic arthritis associated proteins were identified by proteomic techniques on the patients’ saliva samples.082
Lorena SEPULVEDAKnowledge and attitudes on oral health of people with Epidermolysis Bullosa and their caregivers: a qualitative analysis.069
Maeve CUSHDetermining Expectations Among Family Members of Eating Disorder (ED) Sufferers Regarding The Role of Dental Professionals.055
Mafalda REDWANZInfluence of regular appointments in the improvement of oral hygiene in patients with Cerebral Palsy.018
Magy Hany BoulesClinical Efficacy and Patient Experience of Different Toothbrushes for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Cross-over Randomized Control Trial031
Mairead HENNIGANAn audit of the compliance with legislation for Adults with Incapacity (AWI) certificates used in a public dental service setting024
Márcio Diniz FREITASImpact of clinical training on the attitudes of undergraduate dental students towards persons with special needs081
Margarida BARROSOInfluence of oral hygiene appointments in the gingival status and biofilm accumulation in patients with Intellectual Disability021
Maria de Fátima BIZARRA,Influence of the brushing autonomy and frequency in the oral hygiene of institutionalized cerebral palsy individuals019
María FERNÁNDEZGenetic susceptibility to periodontal disease in Down syndrome062
Maria VALENTIMOral health perception of a homeless group from Lisbon076
Mariana ARMADA The importance of the interdisciplinary team in Pediatric Dentistry regarding the detection of child abuse in a girl with disability029
Mariana ZARImplant-supported dental prostheses in a patient with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Seven-year follow-up.004
Marie-Laure MUNOZ-SANCHEZFull oral rehabilitation for a patient suffering for oral consequences of stercoral peritonitis: a case report.046
Marie-Sophie BOGNER Special-needs patients : contribution of digital dentistry007
Marie-Sophie BOGNERTest-retest validation of the new French Case Mix Tool058
Marta GARCÍA GARCÍA, MartaMorphological integration of cranial-cervical-facial structures in Down syndrome048
Mas Suryalis AHMADFabrication and evaluation of toothbrush mounted robotic arm for wheelchair-bound patient009
Mas Suryalis AHMADImpact of sign language communication training on dental students’ empathy, learning experiences and attitudes towards people with disabilities010
Mathew LIMStructured relationships and networks between specialists and general dentists improve the willingness of clinicians to treat individuals with special needs003
Maura HARANAssessment of tooth retention and denture wear at a residential centre for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) by comparison to similarly-aged community-dwelling adults without ID026
Mayank KAKKAROral Health Survey of Caregivers of People with Alzheimer’s Disease008
Meg KEDDIETaking reasonable adjustments when managing an adult in acute dental pain with severe mental health history and an aversion to facemasks during the COVID-19 pandemic.061
Mhairi YOUNGThe Use of a Clinical Frailty Scale in Special Care Dentistry013
Michael EGERMANNDental Care and Oral Hygiene in Adults with Intellectual Disability working in Sheltered Workshops in Germany041
Natalie BRADLEYCOVID-19: Making reasonable adjustments for the provision of urgent dental care for patients with additional needs during the pandemic001
Piotr GERRETHSalivary Gland Function and Protein Glycooxidation in Stroke Patients – a preliminary study085
Samina NAYANIDental Assessments for Patients Undergoing Cardiac Valve Surgery040
Sanchit PAULMinimally invasive dentistry for Maximally affected children/adults with special needs036
Sebastian M VÉLIZ Patient specific tele-dentistry educational for people with epidermolysis bullosa – clinician perceptions.068
Sebastian M VÉLIZ Dental, orthopedic and speech/lenguage treatment in a patient with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Case Report.071
Silvia MONSALVESOne year survival rate of high viscosity glass ionomer restorations compared to amalgam restorations in patients with disabilities and challenging behaviour: randomized controlled trial067
Siti Asmak SUBAHIRLesch –Nyhan syndrome: A case report025
Soraia CUNHAOral hygiene of sighted and visually impaired children: a comparative study080
Sukyung MOONDevelopment of Preventive Oral Care Program for Special Needs Patients051
Susanne KRÄMERPatient specific tele-dentistry educational program for people with epidermolysis bullosa – patient perception.066
Suzy HARKNESSOral self-factitious trauma in severe learning disability; an unexpected diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic.005
Sviatlana ANISHCHUKOral Health health beliefs in people living with low Von Willebrand Factor in Ireland050
Sydney DAVENPORTA qualitative and quantitative study of odours in the dental environment, and their relation to trust and fear052
Thomas David EVANSClinical Service Evaluation of a Dental Nurse-led Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Service based in the UK014
Toshiro YAMAMOTOAssociation between postoperative pneumonia and oral function management in patients with esophageal cancer075
Trudy Ying Hua LINAssessment of a case mix tool to assist stratification of public dental patients with disability in South Australia056
Valéria Rodrigues Podboy Garcia MENAThe role of Photonic Therapies applied pre, trans, and post-surgery to manage osteonecrosis associated with bisphosphonates in cancer patients: Series of clinical cases073
Wei Linn Lynn KOOral Myiasis in Patients with Special Needs015
Zanab MALIKA disability-based exploration of psychosocial barriers and enablers to accessing dental services for people with clinically severe obesity: a qualitative study033
Zanab MALIKDental utilisation, body mass index and oral and general health variables in those with clinically severe obesity: a survey-based cohort study034

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