The Oral Presentation Session is chaired by iADH President Prof Luc Marks.

Each finalist will give a 5 minute summary of their work and then take questions from the judges panel.

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Timings given are in GMT – please note that this is NOT the same as London Tine – please check your own time zone carefully.

Winners of the Awards will be announced at the General Assembly of IADH Saturday October 3rd 12pm GMT
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Time GMTName of presenter Abstract Number Project Title
9.00amProf Luc Marks Introduction and Welcome by Chair of the Session
9.10am Zanab Malik033A disability-based exploration of psychosocial barriers and enablers to accessing dental services for people with clinically severe obesity: a qualitative study
9.20am Matthew Lim003Structured relationships and networks between specialists and general dentists improve the willingness of clinicians to treat individuals with special needs
Zanab Malik034Dental utilisation, body mass index and oral and general health variables in those with clinically severe obesity: a survey-based cohort study
9.40am Sydney Davenport052A qualitative and quantitative study of odours in the dental environment, and their relation to trust and fear
Marie-Sophie Bogner058Test-retest validation of the new French Case Mix Tool
Hani Ayup038Concepts of disability, facilitatators and barriers to implementation of Special Care Dentistry in Brunei Darussalam: a qualitative study
Fayjel SHAH027Improving Dental Screenings for Medically Compromised Patients referred from University Hospital Wales
10.20amMaria Valentim076Oral health perception of a homeless group from Lisbon
10.30amGillian Howie017A Three year Service Evaluation of Dental Treatment for Higher Risk Patients Delivered in a Medically Supported Setting.
10.40amAndré GONÇALVES020Self-reported oral lesions and complaints by diabetic members of Diabetes Mellitus related social media groups in Portugal
10.50amLaura Parkinson011The use of tele-dentistry for patients with inherited bleeding disorders during lockdown in the Covid-19 era in Ireland
11.20amiADH SOSSPresentation by the Organising Committee for IADH PARIS 2022
11.30amSoraia Cunha080Oral hygiene of sighted and visually impaired children: a comparative study
11.40amAlicia Da Coo047Periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s disease share a background of genetic susceptibility?
11.50amSusanne Kramer066Patient specific tele-dentistry educational program for people with epidermolysis bullosa – patient perception.
12.00pmSebastian Veliz068Patient specific tele-dentistry educational for people with epidermolysis bullosa – clinician perceptions.
12.10pmCristiane Olivia Ferreira Do Amara74X-fragile Syndrome: gene expression of virulence factors of Streptococcus mutans correlated with dental caries experience
12.20pmLorena Sepulveda069Knowledge and attitudes on oral health of people with Epidermolysis Bullosa and their caregivers: a qualitative analysis.
12.30pmCyrene Piazera Silva Costa043Is there bacterial infection in intact coronal teeth and pulp necrosis of sickle cell anaemia subjects? A case series nested in a cohort.
12.40pmMayank Kakkar008Oral Health Survey of Caregivers of People with Alzheimer’s Disease
12.50pmLuc MarksClosing Comments

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