The results are in…

After a fascinating 5 hour live event, as we moved around the various timezones, starting with the Australian Entries, through South East Asia, Europe ending with Latin American and USA entries, the results of the iADH research competition 2020 were announced yesterday at the iADH General Assembly by the chair of the session Prof Luc Marks.

Thank you to our esteemed judging panel for their adjudication

The winner of the basic or translational research study was Alicia da Coo abstract number 47 Periodontal Disease and Alzheimers Disease share a background of genetic susceptibility

The winner of the clinical research study was Laura Parkinson abstract number 11 The use of teledentistry in the Covid-19 for patients with inherited bleeding disorders.

The iADH emerging researcher award was Cyrene Piazera Silva Costa abstract number 043 entitled Is there bacterial infection in intact coronal teeth and pulp necrosis of sickle cell anaemia subjects? A case series study nested in a cohort.

The two case study winners were Marie-Sophie Bogner for abstract number 007 entitled Special Needs Patients : contribution of digital dentistry and Hani Ayup abstract number 37 entitled Newer therapies in management of haemophilia opens up prosthodontics opportunities

The two winners in the education research categories were Mas Suryalis Ahmad abstract number 10 for her study entitled ‘Impact of sign language communication training on students’ empathy, learning experiences and attitudes towards people with disabilities’ and Marcio Diniz Freitas abstract number 081 ‘Impact of clinical training on the attitudes of undergraduate dental students towards persons with special needs’

All winners will receive a cash prize and will be featured as an extended abstract in the IADH special issue of Medicina Oral Patel Cir Bucal

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the competition. Everyone whose poster appears on this website will receive a certificate and also appear as listed abstract in the iADH special issue of Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal.

THE WEBSITE HAS RECEIVED OVER 10,000 HITS and the abstract book will be open access so we hope that your work will continue to be read and noticed for some time to come..

The iADH Scientific Committee

poster #019

Influence of the brushing autonomy and frequency in the oral hygiene of institutionalized cerebral palsy individuals 

Authors: Bizarra MF, Luís HS, Bernardo M

poster #024

An audit of the compliance with legislation for Adults with Incapacity (AWI) certificates used in a public dental service setting

Authors: Mairead HENNIGAN, Jordan FRANKGATE, Keera HAMPTON

poster #025


Author: Siti Asmak Subahir and Norjehan Yahaya

poster #034

Dental utilisation, body mass index and oral and general health variables in those with clinically severe obesity: a survey-based cohort study

Authors: Zanab MALIK, Woosung SOHN, Shanika NANAYAKKARA, Kathryn WILLIAMS

poster #029

The importance of the interdisciplinary team in Pediatric Dentistry regarding the detection of child abuse in a girl with disability

Authors : Melisa Velazquez*, Mariana  Armada, Lucia Mata. Gabriela Scagnet

poster #013

The Use of a Clinical Frailty Scale in Special Care Dentistry

Authors: Mhairi Young

poster #011

The use of tele-dentistry for patients with inherited bleeding disorders during lockdown in the Covid-19 era in Ireland

Authors: Laura PARKINSON, Brian O’MAHONY, Niamh O”CONNELL, Alison DOUGALL

poster #027

Improving dental screenings for medically compromised patients referred from University Hospital Wales

Authors: Fayjel SHAH, Claire CURTIN

poster #006

Oral manifestations of Herbal Medicine induced Steven Johnson syndrome in 3 Nigerian paediatric patients: Case series

Authors: Oluwo AO, Irewole-Ojo FO, Mabogunje CA

poster #056

Assessment of a case mix tool to assist stratification of public dental patients with disability in South Australia

Authors: Trudy Ying Hua LIN, Sharon LIBERALI, Mark GRYST.

poster #078

Effectiveness of plaque removal using a manual brush with and without an adapter: a crossover study.

Authors: GRAÇA Sandra, BIZARRA Fátima, CABRITA Joana, GOUVEIA Patrícia